Great Pond Bay

Location: South Shore – East
Recommended for Massage: No
Pros: Unspoiled, quiet, great birding
Cons: Not always accessible, shallow with seagrass, reef is far off

Great Pond Bay Beach is very unspoiled and there are beautiful patch reefs to snorkel around if you want to swim out to them. The walk down is long, but pleasant and pastoral with a lot of birds to see along the way. The pond itself, Great Pond, is an excellent bird-watching site. There is a shady beach shack, built and maintained by local fishermen, who use the beach regularly and keep it clean.

The beach is accessible from two points along the South Shore Rd. Along route 624 approximately mid-way between routes 62 and 60, across from Milgie’s Grocery, is dirt road beyond the big chain link fence. The gate is open for public use on traditional holiday week-ends (4th of July, Easter…). If the gate is closed, it may be possible to skirt around the edge of the fence on the east side, its not continuous. Great Pond can also be reached via dirt roads heading west off route 60, south of the intersection with route 624. This route is sometimes closed off due to nesting shorebirds on the mus flats. Both roads to the beach can be muddy after rains and barely accessible without a 4WD vehicle.

We would love to recommend this beach for massage as there are some great shady spots here, however, inconsistent accessibility typically rules this out.

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