Grapetree Bay

Location:South Shore – East
Recommended for Massage: No
Pros: Unspoiled, quiet, good snorkeling
Cons:  No amenities, surf can be high

Grapetree Beach is about 0.5 miles beyond Divi. The hotel was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo, but is being slowly rebuilt by the new owner – keep an eye out for the new G Resort, coming soon. Take a right at the small sugarmill, and when you get to the “T”, take another right. There is a parking area on the right. Look for the path to the beach as you walk east from the parking area. This beach is usually quiet and deserted with great patch reef snorkeling near shore. Surge and swell can be stronger here, so use caution when entering. No amenities. Shade too limited to recommend this beach for massage.

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