Ten Good Reasons to Get a Beach Massage

  1. Beach2You’re in the Caribbean! Didn’t you come here to spend some time on the beach? You can get a massage in a spa just about anywhere in the world. Why waste any of your precious few moments of sea, sand and sun inside a box?
  2. Natural Aromathrapy – Tropical breezes filling your lungs with the scents of frangipani and jasmine as you lie under a sea grape or coconut palm.
  3. True surround sound. The songs of the sugar birds, the rush of the waves and the breeze through the trees – you are immersed in relaxation.
  4. Support small businesses and the local economy. Small businesses drive the local economy. Money spent at small Mom and Pop businesses, rather than corporate resorts, tends to re-circulate within the community. When you get a massage on the beach unaffiliated with a resort, you will be supporting the local economy of the place you visit.
  5. Better service. We have a direct stake in the satisfaction of all of our customers and will bend over backwards to accommodate your needs.
  6. More Experience. Many hotel spa practitioners are freshly out of massage school. By contrast, we each have over 16 years of experience providing relaxing massage to Caribbean residents and visitors.
  7. Save money! A beach massage provided by Beach Massage & Bodywork Delivered will generally cost substantially less than one in a resort spa.
  8. No need to rush off. After you’re through getting your tired muscles rubbed, you can just roll over onto a beach chair or hammock. You don’t need to rush out of the room to let the next client onto the table.
  9. Cleaner healthier air. The natural breezes bring clean fresh air rather than artificially cooled recycled air from air conditioners. Studies show that negative ions produced by the surf will enhance the health benefits of your massage.
  10. Year-round opportunities. In the real Caribbean, it is warm enough to get a beach massage 365 days a year. But don’t wait until tomorrow to get yourself down here and get healthy – do it today!

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