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St Croix Beaches fit for Massage

Miss Bea Rd BeachNot every beach is created equally. Some have fine sand, exquisite for wiggling in your toes. Some have excellent snorkeling just off shore. Some stretch into the distance, inviting for a seaside walk. And some have just the right combination of sand, shade and soft breezes for a perfect Beach Massage.

We took some time on our day off yesterday to revisit some of St. Croix’s East End beaches, re-access their best features, and snap a few pictures. Our findings will be making their way to our St. Croix Beach guide, so keep checking back for updates!

ChenayBay1000 Duggans Beach

Community and Art

Public Art - FlowerBeach Massage & Bodywork Delivered received a “Public Art” gift! And we thought this would be an appropriate beginning to our new Beach Massage Blog.

On Thursday, down at our “indoor beach” massage space along the Comanche Walk in Christiansted, there was a knock on the door. A young woman was standing there with a flower in a natural hollowed coconut “pot”. She introduced herself as Seti, a student of UVI enrolled in an art class, and explained she was presenting the potted flower to “a member of the community” as part of a public art project. She took a picture of me with my new flower and went on her way.

Public Art - Photo StandLater I witnessed further examples of this public art project: Utility poles were decorated with colorful notecards on which were written “I remember when: …” with space available for passersby to add their personal memories of St. Croix, Christiansted, or whatever moved them. One invoked the beginning of the By-Pass project others the loss of “Lizards” and other downtown hotspots.

I had passed a small black box, with a black and white photo attached to the top, on the south sidewalk of Kingstreet without realizing what it was. Then on my way out of town I spotted another (or maybe the same one in a new spot) on the sidewalk in front of Fort Christianvaern. I suspect they were placed at the spot from which the original old photo was taken.

Though these public art gifts were fairly temporary, I’m encouraged by the concept of giving to the community.