East End Marine Park

Location: South Shore – East
Recommended for Massage: No
Pros: Unspoiled, quiet, good snorkeling around patch reefs
Cons: Little to no shade, shallow entry with seagrass/urchins

East End Marine Park (EEMP) headquarters beach is a second beach on Great Pond Bay. A very peaceful beach that rarely gets visitors. More patch reefs are accessible from here. Along the shoreline the water is shallow with seagrass. There could be hidden sea urchins, so be careful when walking in. Not much in the way of shade so bring your sunscreen.

This beach is accessible via the EEMP headquarters and visitors center. A couple hundred yards after the sharp 90 degree left heading east on route 60 (South Shore Road) you see a sign for the EEMP, which is on the opposite side of the road from the sign. Drive into the parking lot, follow the dirt road to the steep decline which goes down to the beach, but don’t drive down there. No amenities. Limited Shade. Not recommended for beach massage.

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