Divi Carina Bay

Location:South Shore – East
Recommended for Massage: Yes
Pros: Amenities – restrooms, bar, restaurant; swimming, snorkeling
Cons: Not as quiet or deserted as other beaches

Divi Carina Bay Resort, located at Turner Hole, farther east along route 60, has a nice beach good for swimming or snorkeling. As you look toward the water, you can walk down to the right a few hundred yards past the hotel and snorkel among many patch reefs right off shore. Divi does not charge non-guests for chairs, so hanging out under the palms in front of the hotel is a great way to spend an afternoon. Plus there is a restaurant/bar and bathrooms available! This is a great beach for massages under the palms, however our agreement with Divi’s Surfside Spa obligates us to match their rates. The beach also stretches quite far to the east, nice for walking and wading. There is another access road to the beach about a 1/4 mile past the resort, with afternoon shade suitable for beach massage (at our regular rates).

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